Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in sustaining quality of life for those who require care for complex conditions.

Pentec Health understands. That’s why we are expanding our clinical nutrition services to better meet patient and provider needs.

Trusted by patients, families and clinicians, Pentec provides personalized clinical nutrition solutions and superior community-based care as a partner to:

  • Dialysis Clinics
  • Nephrology
  • Metabolic Centers
  • Wound Care Clinics

Pentec offers complete solutions, including nutrition delivered parenterally as well as oral nutrition and enteral nutrition supplements, medical foods and low protein foods. 
The Pentec difference is built on understanding the challenges faced by patients, their families and their clinical teams. We meet those challenges with a holistic approach to care, including nutrition assessment, clinical care management and product distribution as well as assistance navigating the complexity of insurance coverage. 

Pentec Health Clinical Assistance Program

Pentec Health offers a Clinical Assistance Program to support clinicians with the treatment of malnourished dialysis patients. Pentec Health’s Clinical Case Manager specializes in Renal Nutrition and Nutrition Support and strives to maximize a patient’s response to IDPN and IPN therapy.